storage solutions for travellers


If you are going away travelling you want to leave without worrying about your personal possessions back home.

Caledonian Self Storage take security very seriously and when leaving your possessions in one of our units you will be the only person with a key. Don’t worry if you have only bought a one way ticket and have no idea when you will be back, we only ask for 14 days’ notice to end your contract, you may still remove your items before this time.

storage solutions for students


Dragging all your possessions back home when term time has ended can be inconvenient and costly, especially if home is outside the UK.

Caledonian Self Storage have a small storage unit of 50 square feet that will be ideal for storing the contents of your bedroom while you go home with the peace of mind that your possessions are safe.

storage solutions for those who have sold their home

Sold Your Home

You may have some time between moving out of your sold house and moving into your new home and need somewhere you can store all your belongings with the peace of mind that you will be able to collect them in the same condition you left them.

Our units are insulated and ventilated with vapour barriers to prevent condensation - even with the temperature changes of the Scottish Highlands.

storage solutions for those who are selling their home

Selling Your Home

Consider de-cluttering your home in order to better your chances of a quick sale. Make that spare room look like a bedroom again. 

Excess furniture, clothes, children’s toys, books, anything you don’t immediately need until you move into your new home.

storage solutions for those planning home improvements

Planning Home Improvements

Let us take away some of the stress of living in a building site and store your belongings that are just getting in the way!  You can have access to them whenever you need.

storage solutions for those who need more space!

Need More Space

Maybe you just need more space, want to re-claim a garage or have inherited items you don’t have room for? Whatever your reason you can be assured that your belongings will be safe and secure with Caledonian Self Storage.

Other Self Storage Requirements ...

  • Need Packaging? We Offer an extensive range of packing materials including boxes, tape and bubble wrap.
  • Insurance for Storage? We can offer you insurance for your goods through our insures ‘open cover’ whilst in storage at a very competitive rate. It is not mandatory to take out your insurance with Caledonian Self Storage but we believe it is offering you- the customer- extremely good value for money.
  • Packaging and Storage Hints & Tips Click here for guidance on packing your goods for storage.